I find photography very fun and cool. I  think taking pictures of awesome and breathtaking views or a subject in different views interesting. Photography consists of digitally manipulated, black and white, landscape, and many other ways. This is only my opinion though, many other people have their own ways of thinking about photography. So sorry I haven’t been posting for the longest time since I have been busy with sports and school X(




Chair 10: Vail, CO


Hi! I’m back

Sorry I haven’t been posting in a while, I have been very busy lately.

Anyways, I have been doing many drawings so I would like to share a couple:


This is a fairy I painted, just felt like doing something out of my imagination



This is my new hamster, Mochi. She is a Winter White hamster



This is a painting for my French teacher, it is a girl at a tea party 🙂


That’s all I’ve got so far, more will be coming, and don’t forget about your inner art!



Fantasy art. Fantasy  can mean elves, fairies, gnomes etc. But that’s not all fantasy means. It can mean landscapes of your imagination. Fantasy can be out of your imagination. What does fantasy mean to you? An underwater world, A cloud castle, or even a field of flowers. There is so much to fantasy that it may be hard to choose! Think well of what fantasy means to you! ♥





Drawing or painting,  people are very common subjects in art. People can be drawn doing many actions. The subject can be drawn or painted moving or still. Portraits are of people posing in front of you. You can also draw people on the streets walking by. Another way of drawing or painting  people is imaginary. Imagine someone or an imaginary person and draw him or her in any position you want. You can even draw yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and see what you look like, then draw or paint! Just remember, this is my opinion, many people have their own. ♥

Places: Monuments and Landscapes


Monuments are very beautiful structures around the world. They indicate many different things. People, gifts from other countries, and many more. They are very inspiring to draw and to see how you interpret it can be very interesting. Landscapes are amazing from the white snowy artic to dry grasses and farmlands. They are all creative ways of expressing yourself and the lands. You can make it a fantasy landscape of pixie villages to real places in the world! This is art! Express it in your own way because that’s what art is about (In my opinion-remember, everyone has their own opinion!)

Painting Animals


Animals are very interesting to paint and sketch. Some animals, in a way,
calms your moods. Animals such as kittens, puppies, birds, etc. (in my opinion) are calming. If you draw an animal, sometimes you might find that what you are drawing or painting or even sculpting, matches your mood. Try make an art piece of an animal that matches your mood, Did it?

Sometimes you just feel like there’s nothing to draw

FreshPaint-10-2016.03.31-04.31.19Sometimes you feel that way. You have many choices for the subject. But your drawing doesn’t always have to be a certain subject. Think about your favorite things. If not, find a pattern that you feel creates your personality. What is your mood? That would be your color, maybe your breathing pattern? Your lines and shapes. I like to believe that your art depends on your mood. What is your opinion?



Hi! I’m Aruwin and I love to draw manga (digitally and by pencil)
To me, drawing is a whole different world and it always takes me on an adventure of creativity! Have you ever felt the same way?